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Dear Colleagues, Friends and Architectural Enthusiasts,

We would like to support the past, current and recent activities of 4AM Association from the Gallery of Architecture based in the city of Brno, the Czech Republic.

We feel that our support is needed due to the recent decision of the Board of Trustees of the Czech Architecture Foundation to terminate the tenancy agreement of the 4AM Association.

We consider this decision to be an erroneous one and see the reasoning behind it as insufficient.

In order for the Czech Architecture Foundation not to lose our respect and trust we would like to ask the members of the Board of Trustees for public clarification. The discussion regarding the very issue should involve not only the members of 4AM Association but also members of Selection and Grants Committee as well as the widest possible range of individuals and bodies actively involved in architecture and its promotion. Of course the visitors of exhibitions and the audience of the lectures and other events 4AM have held in the course of their existence should be invited to join the discussion.

In the event that even as a result of such a discussion the decision issued by the Board of Trustees of the Czech Architecture Foundation is not re-assessed and reviewed we assume that the Czech Architecture Foundation will introduce a long-term concept of the gallery in Brno and will explain and clarify what the future potential tenant of the Gallery should do in order to fullfil the role and the task of “presenting architecture as an integral part of contemporary culture”

Without such a discussion the Czech Architectural Fund is meant to become a non-transparent and untrustworthy as such. However, we do believe that such a discussion shall take place and that open communication will renew the mutual trust.

Should you wish to express your agreement and support to the above, please attach your name here: http://www.petice24.com/signatures/podpora_4am/start/40

Thank you.

Ida Čapounová, Jakub Chuchlík

information retained from the website of the Czech Architecture Foundation:

The Board of Trustees decided in its last meeting of May 5, 2012 to terminate the tenancy agreement with Association 4AM Forum for Architecture and Media, the current entity running the Gallery of Architecture in the City of Brno. The agreement will be terminated by December 12, 2012.
The Association selected to operate the Gallery was chosen in tender procedure in 2012. The tender procedure took place at the time when the Gallery had been closed for six months. The Selection Committee the selected the 4AM entity out of two candidates based on the program submitted by them. The selection was partially perceived as an experiment. The experiment was after two years of the Gallery being operated by 4AM Association as an unsuccessful one as it fails to fulfill the mission of the Czech Architecture Foundation. source:

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